20 Feb 2020

Today we are off to the LAGO trade fair and conference hotel in Ulm.

There, COOK I-flex offers guests an additional culinary experience during breakfast and break catering as well as at events and receptions.

What better reason to take a peek over the shoulders of chef Anika Schmidt and workshop host Peter Wolff?

7 a.m. – It’s all a matter of prep
When Peter arrives, Anika has already started her working day. In the breakfast room, she arranges GN containers with fresh ingredients in multi-elements and places the equipment within reach in the underframe of the COOK I-flex. There is space for everything, such as the cooking inserts, cutlery and paper towel rolls.

8 a.m. – Bespoke breakfasts
Scrambled or fried – eggs just the way you like them. The diverse range of options of the I-flex is the perfect way to enhance the varied breakfast buffet, making sure that all the workshop attendees start the day in a good mood.
While Anika serves up the customised dishes, the integrated extraction keeps the air clean.

9 a.m. – Clean in an instant
The last hotel guests leave the breakfast room – time for Anika to tidy up. The easy-care surfaces of the extraction bridge, sneeze guard and induction hobs are sparkling in no time; the multi-elements disappear neatly in the panelled serving trolley. The station is therefore ready for lunch service in a flash.

11 a.m. – Ready for High Noon
The highlight of the workshop programme is the live cooking lunch. Ingredients and equipment are all neatly positioned on the cooking station to ensure that Anika can satisfy her guests’ wishes quickly. Organisational aids such as serving trolleys and plate dispensers are also within easy reach to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

1 p.m. – Split-second power
At lunchtime everything has to happen quickly. The two induction cooking zones provide concentrated power – all in a matter of seconds. This means that guests can be served with warm wraps and sausages in an instant. Anika can make use of the extraction bridge to garnish the dishes with toppings and fresh herbs or place the plates ready for serving.

2 p.m. – The home straight
Refuelled and motivated, Peter welcomes the attendees back for the second part of the workshop.
Meanwhile, Anika’s shift is coming to an end. Luckily the cooking station is quick and easy to clean. The filter elements can be removed without tools and are safe to wash in the dishwasher together with the cooking inserts. All that is left to do is to wipe down the smooth surfaces of the COOK I-flex and then it is time to go home.

B.PRO thanks the LAGO team for the beautiful day and the great support during the shoot!