Fresh ideas for company restaurants

Awareness of healthy nutrition plays a significant role in company canteens. Conventional food serving is being increasingly upgraded with live cooking menus, which are synonymous with freshness, transparency and quality. Food prepared in front of diners simply tastes better, becomes a lunch break highlight and offers entertainment value.

The COOK cooking stations are a must-have in modern canteen concepts and can be seamlessly integrated into both new and existing company restaurants. These slim solutions unite cooking technology and an extractor hood in a single system, require little space and can be positioned wherever you wish. You can also use these stations as an additional cooking and production unit in rear kitchen sections.

Offer your employees culinary highlights with COOK.

  • Fresh cuisine as an attractive added value
  • Increase in appeal and per-head sales
  • Freely positionable in the serving area
  • Highly precise preparation and high performance at peak times
  • Appealing snacks throughout the entire day
  • Optimised use of products thanks to needs-based preparation
  • Versatile addition to the existing range of foods
  • High-grade presentation, transparency and freshness
  • No need for stationary extractor hoods, although unit is not a replacement for an air conditioning system

Bonus points for the employer brand

Live cooking brings quality and freshness to the menu and plays a key role in company health management and, consequently, employee loyalty. With COOK, you can implement this upgrade without additional investment in an external extractor solution as these slim cooking stations with an integrated extractor hood can be positioned wherever you wish. The extraction and filter technology is highly efficient as it works directly above the induction hobs. It even filters out blue smoke when combined with ION TEC, bringing benefit to the chef and diners alike.

At home in all sizes and performance categories

COOK cooking stations can be custom-configured to your needs with regard to size, performance categories and equipment – from prepared-to-order dishes at lunchtime to warm snacks at break time, from mobile units to a permanently built-in solution. The design can remain discreet or deliberately add colour and material highlights. Our specialists will provide you with valuable help and guidance right from the planning stage to ensure that your concept becomes a model of success.

Optimal workflow with a coordinated team

With live cooking, your diners are drawn into the activity. That’s all the more reason why every second counts during rush hour. Every movement must be perfectly coordinated. Good preparation and practised techniques will enable you to unite gastronomic pleasure with entertainment and an enjoyable experience. With its practical accessories and a work, presentation and storage space, the variable equipment of the COOK cooking station offers the ideal conditions for organising the perfect workflow.

You can learn how to plan professionally, present skilfully and communicate confidently. We’re on hand to help – with personalised support from our specialists and in-depth training courses at the B.PRO Academy.

A recipe for success which pays off

With its focus on quick preparation, front cooking is an interesting concept for enhancing value creation. Short preparation times increase sales while portion-based production matches need. Experience shows that guests are willing to pay more for high-quality, fresh food. This means that you can use front cooking to unlock new potential. Variety is assured: with the right recipe repertoire and variable equipment, there’s no stopping your creativity.

Discover the COOK cooking stations.

COOK classic

COOK I-flex

The same, yet different

COOK cooks in all sizes and performance classes with classic and I-flex. Although they have a few differences, the two model series also have many things in common which are synonymous with COOK’s unique quality.