Efficiency for modern food service concepts

In the constantly growing market for out-of-house dining, business ideas which offer a range of fresh, healthy, high-quality foods prepared in front of diners are thriving. These ideas not only form part of inspiring new concepts, but also offer an exciting opportunity to extend or complement existing retail or dining concepts. With their varied equipment options, our COOK cooking stations allow you to develop new business activities without major expense. These slim solutions unite cooking technology and an extractor hood in a single system, require little space and can be positioned wherever you wish or integrated into virtually any sales counter.

Develop new business ideas with COOK.

  • Upgrade for existing retail and catering concepts
  • Easy integration thanks to plug and play
  • Customised planning through variety of equipment options
  • Simple operation, flexible use of space
  • Installation variants for integration into sales counters
  • Stand-alone solutions also offer a wide range of design options
  • No need for stationary extractor hoods, although unit is not a replacement for an air conditioning system
  • All-round carefree package with training courses for users

Intelligently solved – the plug-and-play cooking station

COOK cooking stations are almost self-sufficient. You can exploit this considerable advantage, incorporating stations into your shopfitting concept as counter and buffet units or installing them as a stand-alone solution in a position of your choice. Thanks to the integrated extractor hood, these cooking stations can be easily connected using their plug-and-play system, ensuring they are ready for immediate use. Their extraction and filter technology is highly efficient as it operates directly above the cooking surface and ensures cooking smells do not affect customers and diners, even during peak hours.

Customised configurations

In sales areas and behind food counters, every square centimetre counts and close attention must be paid to access routes and the flow of goods. Existing standing and seating areas can be used to generate additional turnover with a range of fresh food. COOK cooking stations can be custom-configured in terms of size, performance categories and equipment to match your specific needs and available space. With their functional design, diverse front design options and range of versions, they harmoniously integrate into the overall shop concept.

All-round carefree package included

With its practical accessories and a work, presentation and storage space, the variable COOK equipment offers the ideal conditions for organising the perfect workflow. The flexible use of space brings significant added value, especially where space is limited. You can learn how to plan professionally, present skilfully and communicate confidently. We’ll help your customers with implementing this new cooking format – with personalised assistance from our specialists and in-depth training courses at the B.PRO Academy.

A business segment with potential for differentiation

B.PRO is the ideal partner for shopfitting thanks to its slim, tailor-made COOK cooking stations. Individually configurable solution packages can be jointly developed and then easily and instantly implemented to exploit exciting business fields in the out-of-house market. Thanks to the simple operation of the induction technology, inhibitions are minimal – especially with the small solutions. In return, a sales potential awaits which proves to be profitable even after the most cautious amortization calculation. We would be happy to show you the potential that COOK unlocks.

Discover the COOK cooking stations.

COOK classic

COOK I-flex

The same, yet different

COOK cooks in all sizes and performance classes with classic and I-flex. Although they have a few differences, the two model series also have many things in common which are synonymous with COOK’s unique quality.