Live cooking as an event performance

Live cooking enhances catering with a special culinary experience. Selected dishes or whole menus prepared in front of the guests on one or more cooking stations become a special highlight at events. With I-flex to go, COOK offers mobile cooking stations that are tailored to the specific requirements of out-of-house assignments. These slim solutions combine cooking technology and an extractor hood in one system, take up little space and can be placed anywhere on the premises.

Enhance your range of catering services with COOK.

  • Ideal for event hospitality, party service and other catering services
  • Live cooking as a culinary highlight
  • Plug-and-play solution for free placement inside or in sheltered outside areas
  • Easy to transport thanks to compact dimensions and light weight
  • High-grade presentation, cost-effective portioning
  • Wow factor: fresh preparation combined with storytelling
  • Added sales thanks to an enhanced range of catering services

Cooking without unpleasant odours

No matter how unusual the location may be, when it comes to live cooking, COOK I-flex to go is the life and soul of every event. The catering version means you simply bring the entire cooking technology with you. Thanks to the integrated extractor hood, this plug-and-play cooking station can easily be set up anywhere in a room. Its extraction and filter technology is highly efficient as it operates directly above the cooking surface and ensures cooking smells do not affect diners, even during peak hours. Now, nothing gets in the way of a good atmosphere.

Unlimited variation

With compact dimensions, low weight, larger steering castors, corner guards and a push handle, COOK I-flex to go offers everything you need for catering use. The sky is almost the limit when it comes to the selection of foods. Whether wok or pasta dishes, grilled meat or warm desserts, the appropriate cooking inserts mean you can comply with your customers’ requests with no fuss. Our specialists will provide you with valuable help and guidance right from the planning stage to ensure that your catering concept becomes a model of success.

A well-rehearsed team for a live act

Every second counts in live cooking and every movement must be perfectly coordinated to avoid waiting times. The variable equipment of the COOK cooking station with practical accessories and a work, presentation and storage surface ensure an efficient workflow. Those wishing to fully exploit the potential of live cooking are transformed into ambassadors for enjoyment, with communication becoming a key ingredient. You can learn how to plan such appearances professionally and present skilfully while telling culinary stories. We’re on hand to help – with personalised support from our specialists and in-depth training courses at the B.PRO Academy.

An added value which pays off

Besides enhancing catering service, the characteristic success factors of live cooking with COOK include rapid, needs-based preparation and thus optimisation of the used material. Operators can take a flexible approach to customer requests thanks to cooking in portions. Customers are also willing to pay more for this upgraded range of foods with high-quality, freshly cooked menu components. This has a positive effect on value creation and is profitable and sustainable. We would be happy to show you the potential that COOK unlocks for your catering and inspire you with suitable recipe ideas.

Discover the COOK cooking stations.

COOK classic

COOK I-flex

The same, yet different

COOK cooks in all sizes and performance classes with classic and I-flex. Although they have a few differences, the two model series also have many things in common which are synonymous with COOK’s unique quality.