Quality cuisine for health and well-being

Live cooking offers attractive added value for food service in care homes, allowing you to differentiate your facility from others. Freshly prepared food tastes better, improves quality of life and provides social contact thanks to a shared experience. COOK cooking stations enhance conventional catering in retirement homes and the menus in public canteens and cafeterias in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. In its mobile version, COOK is also suitable for various uses in different buildings and for events with family members. This slim solution unites cooking technology and an extractor hood in a single system, requires little space and can be positioned anywhere.

Choose enhanced hospitality with COOK.

  • Differentiation with freshly cooked, healthy food
  • Added transparency and well-being
  • With fresh and individually prepared food, dining becomes an experience
  • Shared meals promote interaction, independence and integration of new residents
  • Increase in sales thanks to the attractive enhancement of existing food offers
  • High-grade presentation, cost-effective portioning
  • Flexible use – also at events and in different buildings
  • No need for stationary extractor hoods, although unit is not a replacement for an air conditioning system

Mobile, independent and versatile in its use

Those who opt for a COOK cooking station open up a whole range of potential uses. The slim cooking station with integrated extractor hood can be positioned wherever you wish in your space with no need for a stationary extractor solution. The extraction and filter technology is highly efficient as it works directly above the cooking surface. It even filters out blue smoke when combined with ION TEC. Those who wish to expand their range of operations to out-of-house activities won’t go wrong with the mobile to-go models.

True variation options for differentiation

From monotony to variety, from ladled dishes to a cooking experience, from an in-room catering service to shared meals, there are many ways in which COOK can bring added value to food service in the care sector. Whether you require a high-performance unit for large facilities or a mobile unit for varying culinary offers, COOK cooking stations can be custom-configured to your needs in terms of size, performance categories and equipment. The design can remain discreet or create bright, colourful touches. Our specialists will provide you with valuable help and guidance right from the planning stage to ensure that your concept becomes a model of success.

Hygiene and workflow optimisation: practice makes perfect

Cooking in view of residents, patients and guests builds trust and shows commitment. Ingredients and preparation become transparent, individual requests can be met and the promise of freshness and quality becomes credible. Especially at peak times, it is very important for every movement to be coordinated. Still, compliance with hygiene regulations remains an utmost priority. With its practical accessories and work, presentation and storage space, COOK offers optimal conditions for organising the perfect workflow.

You can learn how to plan professionally, present skilfully and communicate confidently. We’re on hand to help – with personalised support from our specialists and in-depth training courses at the B.PRO Academy.

An added value which pays off

Besides enhancing food service, the characteristic success factors of live cooking with COOK include rapid, needs-based preparation and thus optimisation of the used material. Operators can also take a flexible approach to allergies and specific dietary needs thanks to cooking in portions. Variety is assured with a suitable recipe repertoire and variable equipment. Guests and their families are willing to pay more for high-quality, fresh food. This has a positive effect on value creation and is profitable and sustainable. We would be happy to show you the potential that COOK unlocks for your facility.

Discover the COOK cooking stations.

COOK classic

COOK I-flex

The same, yet different

COOK cooks in all sizes and performance classes with classic and I-flex. Although they have a few differences, the two model series also have many things in common which are synonymous with COOK’s unique quality.