The key to modern retail catering concepts

While the proportion of space occupied by food vendors is steadily rising in shopping centres, retailers from furniture showrooms to fashion stores have also long since recognised the advantages of integrating modern food concepts, and are quickly following suit with fresh ideas.

Gastronomy and retail offerings are merging to form retail-gastronomy hybrids in the competition for footfall and length of stay. They are part of a differentiation strategy vis-à-vis online retailers and discounters and focus on a shopping experience and feel-good atmosphere. COOK front cooking stations offer maximum independence, no matter whether you are upgrading existing retail concepts with food services or designing a completely new building. This is because these slim solutions unite cooking technology and an extractor hood in a single system, require little room and can be positioned wherever you wish in your space.

Bring your business to life with COOK.

  • Live cooking as appealing added value for food service points
  • Stimulation for retail spaces
  • Feel-good atmosphere and a relaxing leisure zone – increase in footfall and time spent in store
  • Shopping experience as a differentiation strategy
  • First-rate presentation
  • Fast preparation, conveying a sense of freshness and transparency
  • High degree of flexibility for changes in concept
  • No complicated preliminary system installations
  • No offensive/unpleasant odours
  • No need for stationary extractor hoods, although unit is not a replacement for an air conditioning system

Potential for change thanks to stand-alone design

Flexible concepts are strongly favoured when designing food service points. Today, solutions are needed that keep pace with trends and changes and do not involve expensive, stationary system installations. COOK offers operators and tenants maximum flexibility. The extractor hood is simply integrated into these cooking stations, meaning that the stations can be positioned wherever you wish with no need for a fixed extractor solution. The extraction and filter technology is highly efficient as it works directly above the cooking surface. It even filters out blue smoke when combined with ION TEC. This eliminates unpleasant odours, which is essential for an agreeable indoor climate in retail environments where non-food items are also sold.

At home in all sizes and performance categories

They are thus ideal whether you wish to feed a large number of diners through live cooking or use this format to enhance product presentations, promotional activities, theme islands or sales promotion weeks. COOK cooking stations can be custom-configured to your needs in terms of size, performance categories and equipment. As a built-in solution it fits perfectly into your shopfitting concept, whilst the to-go version offers the perfect unit for use in different locations. Our specialists will provide you with valuable help and guidance right from the planning stage to ensure that your idea becomes a successful concept.

Expert in achieving optimal workflow

Cooking in front of your customers requires aplomb, especially at peak times. Every second counts. If every move is perfectly coordinated, this helps to eliminate waiting times. It goes without saying that the workstation needs to remain clean and presentable at all times. With its practical accessories and a work, presentation and storage space, the variable COOK equipment offers the ideal conditions for organising the perfect workflow.

You can learn how to plan professionally, present skilfully and communicate confidently. We’re on hand to help – with personalised support from our specialists and in-depth training courses at the B.PRO Academy.

An added value which pays off

Food service points can be more than just relaxing havens amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping. Cooking in front of diners truly whets the appetite and the value of the experience factor is not to be underestimated. The characteristic success factors of live cooking include rapid, needs-based preparation and thus optimisation of the used material. You can also take a personalised approach to requests. Customers are willing to pay more for such high-quality, fresh food. This has a positive effect on value creation and is profitable and sustainable. We would be happy to show you the potential that COOK unlocks.

Discover the COOK cooking stations.

COOK classic

COOK I-flex

The same, yet different

COOK cooks in all sizes and performance classes with classic and I-flex. Although they have a few differences, the two model series also have many things in common which are synonymous with COOK’s unique quality.