In apple-pie order

8 Oct 2019

Eight first-hand tips for simple handling

1. Use the space on the mobile cooking station
Ensure that required accessories such as Gastronorm containers, salt and pepper mills and oil dispensers are efficiently arranged so that everything is close to Hand.

2. Always store kitchen utensils in the same place
Having a designated place for utensils such as ladles, knives and tongs not only saves time but also ensures professional handling.

3. Awaken people’s interest by constantly changing decoration
There are many special occasions and themes which you can reflect in the decoration: the dish of the day, big events, seasonal highlights and many more. With a little creativity, you are sure to grab your customers’ Attention.

4. Pay attention to colour arrangements
When the multi-element is used, foods of similar colours should not be placed next to each other. Brightly coloured, contrasting foods such as tomatoes, basil, carrots and broccoli are ideal for effective positioning within the customer’s field of Vision.

5. Deliberately taste cooked dishes
The power of seasoning dishes in front of customers should not be underestimated. A smile signals that you are satisfied with the result and the food has been cooked to perfection. You should always have enough spoons on hand for tasting.

6. Pay attention to cleanliness
Your cooking station should not only be clean at the start of the day. It is also a good idea to have quick access to kitchen paper or a cloth for keeping your workplace neat and tidy. The practical COOK accessories make sure there is space for everything.

7. Dispose of leftovers immediately
If you work with food you must always make sure that waste is disposed of immediately. To do so, place the waste container close by but out of sight for your customers.

8. Use our organisational helpers to ensure a perfect workflow
If necessary, your work area can quickly and easily be extended by using items such as a serving trolley with panelling and an integrated worktop. This mobile assistant not only provides an additional work surface, but also supports your workflow when preparing and arranging Food.