20 Feb 2020

Sheikh Zayed Road is the biggest and most famous artery in Dubai. With twelve lanes lined with soaring office towers, it is a hotspot for the business world and the perfect location for our customer Sushi Nations.

“Authentic Japanese sushi with a Brazilian twist” – the restaurant at the heart of Dubai not only impresses sit-in diners, but is also extremely popular as a takeaway and delivery service. Its growing customer base includes walk-in customers from the vibrant business district, who come to eat in or pick up dinner after work. Thanks to its fantastic location on the city’s main traffic axis, orders are quickly delivered to practically all areas of Dubai.

Dishes are cooked on a COOK classic that combines a deep fryer, wok and griddle in one cooking station. In addition to the mouthwatering sushi buffet, soups of the day and other delicacies such as fried breaded shrimps are freshly prepared in front of diners. Compared to the purchase of individual cooking units, our flexible station offers unbeatable advantages. Its versatility and power coupled with the integrated extractor solution were decisive reasons for the exhibit’s direct move from Gulfhost 2018 to Sushi Nations. Thanks to its plug-and-play feature and self-explanatory, simple handling, it was possible to take the station into operation at Sushi Nations with minimal preparation and installation effort.

The mobile cooking station is ideal for the space in Latifa Tower. The ground floor includes various restaurants, snack outlets, coffee bars and shops to provide the best possible range of services to people who work in the trade centre.

Since there is no stationary extractor system at the site, the prevention of odour emissions is the responsibility of the tenant. The integrated extractor hood combined with the ION TEC filter have more than proven their worth for Sushi Nations. Even when the fryer is in continuous operation, there are no unpleasant odours whatsoever.

The striking golden design of the COOK classic is also a true eye-catcher in the restaurant. It is not without reason that Sushi Nations also relies on COOK as a key element of its expansion plans. The owner sees promising potential both in large shopping malls and at the fish market in Dubai – clad in the same golden robes, of course!