A day at Laib & Leben

8 Oct 2019

1 day – 1 chef – 2 locations – 3 meals – 6 dishes
The best way to discover the strengths of our COOK is to see it in action.

Today we are off to Laib & Leben, a bakery that unites traditional craftsmanship with experience dining. Together with proprietor Walter Köhler, the B.PRO team found various ways in which the I-flex to go can optimally enhance the modern concept.

The smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the air at the bakery in Bruchsal, whetting our appetites for a delicious breakfast. With our COOK I-flex mobile cooking station, we complement the range on offer with freshly prepared fried eggs rounded off with bacon and vegetables, served with crisp rolls directly from the oven and, of course, a cup of coffee. Those with a sweet tooth are treated to fluffy, freshly prepared pancakes, garnished with fruit, powdered sugar and syrup.

Lunch service starts in one hour. Time to start preparing. At the station, ingredients are being sliced and pasta pre-cooked. The fresh ingredients are filled into Gastronorm containers within easy reach to ensure a perfect mise en place. A quick clean of the work surface and we are almost ready to start. Cooking equipment and accessories are changed over in an instant – let service commence!

There are two hot dishes on the lunch menu:
Pasta alla Napoletana with onions, basil and Parmesan
Pasta alla Mamma with garlic, broccoli and Gorgonzola
The lunch space in the café is inviting and diners from the surrounding area are delighted with the varied lunch menu. A sweet treat from the bakery counter followed by an espresso add the perfect finishing touches.

After six hours of continuous service, the air is still clean – the integrated extractor hood has everything under control. Now it’s time for tidying, cleaning and washing up. In two hours’ time we’ll be off to our next destination. This evening we have something planned, and we are packing the station into the van.

5 p.m – ON THE ROAD
We are making good time: we are heading to an after-work event at the bakery store in Karlsruhe. The weather is on our side – 25 degrees with sunshine and a blue sky are the perfect outdoor conditions for conjuring up fantastic evening dishes in front of guests. Thanks to the simple plug and play feature, our COOK I-flex is ready for action in no time at all. And we are in the middle of preparing the ingredients for the mise en place once more. Just as well our serving trolley gives us an extra work surface. The extraction bridge also has a secondary use: it is the ideal stage for the fitting party decoration.

7 p.m. – IT’S PARTY TIME
The monthly after-work event at Laib & Leben focuses on the experience factor of live cooking. The cooking station certainly grabs the guests’ attention from the very beginning. The beef medallions and prawns from the griddle are simply delicious, and during a relaxed chat at the cooking station our chef Alex explains that the vegetables are grown on an organic farm.

11 p.m. – TIME TO GO HOME
A successful day draws to a close. We tidy up, pack our I-flex away and set off for home. Looking back over what we have achieved, we have a great feeling of having brought real added value to a number of different operating locations throughout the day.

B.PRO would like to thank Mr Köhler for his warm hospitality!