20 Feb 2020

Cooking stations with integrated extraction technology* are the perfect solution for spaces without a stationary extractor hood. After all, wherever food is cooked – whether in dining halls, sales areas or at event venues – unpleasant odours can have a negative effect on the well-being of guests. This is why B.PRO has equipped the COOK I-flex with the highly efficient extraction and filter technology of the classic models – with the ION TEC option.

As Regional Sales Manager, Günter Hofbauer has overseen the execution of countless projects. He believes that this system solution offers three decisive advantages:

Chefs planning to use their new COOK as a pasta cooking station that predominantly generates steam will not need a blue smoke filter – at the moment. However, it’s always worth thinking ahead. Thanks to ION TEC, users can now leave their options open for future concept changes and variations.

“I see ION TEC as particularly indispensable for the COOK I-flex models – after all, flexibility is an inherent part of the concept. For instance, if a chef wants to cook pasta, fried eggs with bacon and waffles at the same time or in quick succession, the formation of fumes (steam and grease) and odours is inevitable. An effective, multi-stage filter system purifies the air.”


“A good indoor climate starts with efficient air collection. Grease and blue smoke filters can be really effective, but if half of the fumes escape, odours will still develop. This is why we make sure that fumes are extracted as completely as possible.”

The COOK extraction bridge creates a suction effect so that rising fumes – with the assistance of additional air streams – are channelled and captured directly above the cooking area. Together with the grease and blue smoke filter, the system guarantees first-class efficiency. This is also confirmed by the VDE certification of the units.

Opting for ION TEC also means a reduction in filter costs during operation. The use of ION TEC helps to clean the charcoal filter, thereby extending cleaning and replacement intervals.

“If the budget does not allow for additional investment in ION TEC, it can be postponed until a later date. There is now a special model that simplifies retrofitting.”

* The integrated extractor hood is not a substitute for an air conditioning system.

1) A vacuum and a front air stream guide the fumes into the extraction bridge.

2) In the extraction bridge, combination filters consisting of grease and wire mesh filters ensure effective separation and filtering of grease, moisture and aerosols from the fumes. The grease filters comply with DIN 18869-5 type A and are flame-arresting.

3) The main fan generates the vacuum in the extraction bridge and draws off the pre-filtered fumes into the odour filter box.

4) The optional ION TEC filter system filters the finest aerosols and odour particles such as blue smoke while also extending the service life of the charcoal filter.

5) Charcoal filter pads absorb odour molecules.

6) The cleaned air exits downward.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All removable components and filters, both in the extraction bridge and the odour filter box on the operator side, can be removed for cleaning without tools.